Eczema Bamboo Gloves - Everything You Need To Know

With a skin condition such as eczema, or atopic dermatitis, all hands are always on deck (excuse the pun). Eczema is usually underestimated when it comes to management because at first, it will only affect a small part of the skin or only a tiny portion of the body. Even if it was tried to be handled through topical and oral medication, the skin condition still develops over time due to the various triggers that can be found in the environment.

Everything from creams, lotions, ointments, and liniments are usually applied on to the affected part to battle the worsening dryness and the unbearable itchiness. However, a great solution to the intolerable itchiness is simply wearing bamboo gloves for eczema.


What are eczema gloves?

A pair of eczema gloves are specially designed gloves made from breathable material to fully cover the hands. Usually made from either organic cotton or bamboo, these gloves provide comfort and protection while still allowing full range of movement of the fingers and the hands. These are ideally worn while sleeping but it can also be worn all day long to ensure full protection and coverage at all times.

With all the other interventions possible for eczema, these gloves have proven to be critical in managing the skin condition because of its remarkable functions and benefits, such as:

Preventing contamination

With unintentional scratching, the affected area can continuously by touched and it goes the same as well for other parts of the body. Bacteria, dead skin, and other skin debris may be transferred and spread to other areas in the body or even to other people. If the person with eczema sleeps with his or her spouse or takes care of an infant who sleeps in the same bed or room, then there is a big chance of cross-contamination. With gloves, however, scratching the affected part of the skin isn’t as damaging compared to using the bare hands. Especially if the hands itself are affected with eczema, covering it with gloves helps keep the bacteria from spreading and infecting other parts of the body.

Protecting the skin

The eczema gloves are designed with soft, cooling breathable bamboo fingers to avoid damaging the skin whenever the person scratches the affected part. Without the gloves, scratching with the bare hands may lead to deeper lesions, heightened inflammation, and even an a worsened condition altogether due to the continuously scraping the surface of the skin. Cutting fingernails and keeping nails clean can’t help either, because continuously scratching an itchy part of the body while sleeping is totally uncontrollable. Developing infected wounds with watery discharges can simply be avoided by using gloves.

Providing instant relief

Admit it, nothing is worse than having an itch that you cannot scratch. This is especially true during the peak times of when eczema flares-up or when you are feeling bored and all you can think of is scratching that itchy spot. By wearing eczema gloves, you can have that instant relief when it comes to itchiness because you are able to lightly scratch, but avoid serious damage. You can touch as long as you don’t scratch it too vigorously that may lead to bleeding and as long as you handle the affected area properly.

Using Eczema Gloves

Gloves can be used during the daytime, to cover affected hands, especially when applying topical treatment or any moisturizers to alleviate the inflammation. At night, the gloves can be worn when sleeping to lessen the harmful effects of unintentional scratching while sleeping. In other cases, the gloves can be worn to protect the hands from coming in contact to harmful chemicals or allergens that may worsen an underlying skin condition, like psoriasis, allergic contact dermatitis, and dermatomyositis.

For infants and children, having them wear these bamboo gloves is the best intervention to protect their own skin. Because they are too young to control the urge to scratch or they simply cannot help themselves when it comes to the itchiness, the gloves can help in ensuring that they don’t get any lesions or wounds as well as contaminating any other body part or any other person they come into contact with.

The gloves are easy to wash and to let dry, with the fabric being breathable bamboo and flexible that cleaning is as simple as popping it in the washing machine. 

When it comes to eczema and other related skin conditions, eczema gloves are handy tools in managing itchiness and uncontrollable scratching. There are other interventions possible, like topical treatments and lifestyle modification, but then these gloves are useful when it comes to protecting your skin day and night. With the seasons constantly changing and trigger elements in the environment always threatening, keeping a pair of these bamboo eczema gloves can be a life-saver because you will never know when eczema will need some assistance.