About Us

Australia is among the countries with the highest prevalence of eczema or atopic dermatitis - between 10 to 15 per cent of the population.

Worldwide, about 20 percent of children and up to 3 percent of the adult population have some form of eczema - our goal is to help the sufferers in Australia!

EczemaAid helps eczema sufferers control their habitual scratching (especially at night time!) aswell as relieve their hand eczema using wet wrap therapy.

Please check out our Bamboo Eczema gloves and feel free to contact us if you have any questions.


Message From The Founder

Greetings to all visitors of EczemaAid.com.au!

Born and raised in Sydney, Australia I have had eczema throughout the majority of my life. I have been hospitalised and spent a week in Westmead Children's Hospital covered in wet wraps when I was 8 years old. Nearly 3 decades have past with having eczema and I have tried almost everything - wet wraps, dry wraps, steroid creams, antihistamines, elimination diets, vegetarianism, organic foods and a huge range of vitamins and supplements.

Some of these worked better than others, but throughout my experience, the most effective cure of maintaining healthy skin with as minimal flare ups as possible is simply not to scratch! Easier said than done - especially for children (and I can remember growing up, thousands of times where my parents would tell me not to scratch), but the skin won't enter its healing process if the layers are constantly ripped and damaged by our fingernails.

I created EczemaAid.com.au in the hope I can help both children and adult eczema sufferers alleviate their eczema through and by controlling their scratching and minimising the damage to their skin, especially at night time. I will continue to source more products and information that has helped me and use EczemaAid.com.au as a hub to help eczema sufferers and their families. If anybody has any questions related to eczema at all - please don't hesitate to email me at info@eczemaaid.com.au and I am more than happy to help. (Note: I can just share my experience and tips that have helped me but I can not give medical advice).

Jason Peter Vergara
Founder of EczemaAid.com.au